Using LiveBinders

By Todd Elliott

University of Phoenix

For educational use only.

Lesson Objective: This is targeted at 9th Grade students in Culinary Arts. Students will be able to create a LiveBinders account, add three categories, add the cover for the category, and add at least two items in the first category.

Culinary Arts Students – Go to the LiveBinders Website and create a free account. The sign-up process is pretty similar to all other websites you’ve signed up for a free account. You create a username and a strong password. You will create a free account in class. This way, if there’s an issue, we can work together in seeing if we can resolve it.

We will be using a graphic organizer in going through this lesson. I will distribute this in the class so that you all can follow along.

First of all, you need to create a binder and name it. You can set it to Public or Private. If you set it to Private, use a key that you can easily remember, as you’ll need to share it with the instructor and your peers.

Next, create a category. As you can see, there ate three top-level tabs, in which you can rename. It can be any category you want, as long as it relates to Culinary Arts. I will provide some starter categories for you. Next, insert a Wikipedia link for the category.

Next, create a sub tab. Insert a link. It can be a link to a website, image, video, audio, or a file that you submit. You can rename the tab to something more suitable. I will walk you through two examples for the first category.

It is your portfolio. It will supplement your existing physical portfolio in class. When you find something interesting on the Internet as it relates to culinary arts, add the link to your LiveBinders. You’ll need to add at least one link per week. We will review your progress by the end of this month.


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