Earth Day

By Todd Elliott

University of Phoenix

Intended for educational use only.

Watch this Earth Day video (2:40 long)

Choose any prompt below. Compose an one-paragraph comment. The comment must contain at least four sentences.¬†You also will need to make one reply to another student’s comment (the reply must be at least two sentences).

  • What is Earth Day to you?
  • Which country’s Earth Day celebration did you like most? Explain why.
  • How does your ‘home’ country celebrate Earth Day? (Hint: Ask Mom or Dad.)
  • What does ‘going green’ mean to you?
  • What three things can you do to keep the Earth ‘healthy’? (Cannot copy the video examples.)
  • How does the Earth ‘take cares’ of you? (For example, clean air or water.)

If you have any questions, please ask the teacher. Enjoy the video, and take a deep breath outside; you’ve earned it, smile.